• Dee Anderson

The conscious pursuit of self awareness and Self-Knowledge

To know ourselves enables us to learn, grow, transform and successfully flow through the many transitions we face throughout our lives. As we learn to do this we begin to make sense of our complex world and appreciate that the strength to face situations lies within. Get to know yourself a little better, by completing the following exercise.

Best self-reflection

The first step is to know your values or what things drive your moral compass. Find a quiet place and answer the following questions:

1. What do you love and fills your life with energy and makes you come alive?

2. What are you great at?

3. What cause do you believe in?

4. What do people value and pay you for?

From this exercise, what is one simple thing you could do today that would be an expression of your purpose in life? Now reflect on this for a moment are you happy with what you have read? You have just introduced yourself to you.

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