• Dee Anderson

An alternate mindset to COVID-19 isolation

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

By now you are all getting to know yourself pretty well and all the little cracks in your makeup maybe starting to come to the forefront. Some of these may cause issues with partners, friends and families members, whilst others will be embraced and celebrated.

Whatever the reaction to the above statement, it’s time to get proactive. We have only just entered this unique situation and therefore is ok to be a little fearful and somewhat frustrated. But it’s not ok to spend time trying to change the situation we are in.

Use your energy to tackle what you can control, for example:

  • Are my emotions in tack?

  • Am I representing the best version of myself as a parent, partner, friend etc?

  • Can this time away from my usual world be a time to forge my character and build greater trust in myself?

Try some of these suggestions

  • Each morning before you get out of bed consider five things that you are grateful for.

  • Take on one challenge that you have been avoiding and consider: - What is the issue? - What outcome do I need? - What are the consequences if my needs are not met? - How do I mitigate these consequences?

  • Write down your values and assess your capacity to stay connected or to reconnect with them.

  • Communicate your actions to the people who matter most and see what they think.

I challenge you to take on doing the above for the next 14 days and at the end see what you have learnt. Then reset and have fun doing it..

Best regards


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